This soul of this project is the Native American Stations of the Cross painted by Melanie Twelves who is a member of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Duncan, Oklahoma. For over a decade, these Stations have been a spiritual beacon to The Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation and Rector of Little Fork Episcopal Church.

This year, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Stacy wanted to offer her congregation the opportunity to experience these stations. The combination of the last moments of the life of Jesus Christ and Native American imagery, especially when one considers how pandemic after pandemic decimated Native populations, seem incredibly relevant at this moment in our history.

As Stacy discussed this project with fellow creatives, Reba Balint and Jess Bejot of Blue+Pine Creative, Inc., we decided to also create a digital version that would allow people, regardless of geography or ability to travel, to experience these spiritually engaging Stations of the Cross.

You may pray these stations via this website or visit Little Fork Episcopal Church to drive or walk the Stations.

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